I am an applied forest ecologist, data science consultant, and Graduate Research Fellow in the Forest Geospatial Lab at Michigan State University.

My research and consulting interests are generally structured around the integration of field studies, “big data”, and advanced statistics to solve pressing issues in forest management and ecology. My current work involves quantifying forest structural restoration needs in the Pacific Northwest, specifically detecting and attributing multidecadal changes in the “ecological departure” of forest landscapes in the region. I am also leading efforts to advance understanding of the consequences of disturbance, climate, and management legacies on temperate forest demography and biomass dynamics across multiple scales.

I am the lead author and maintainer of rFIA, an R package designed to increase the accessibility and use of the USFS Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) Database. Check out our website for more information, tutorials, and documentation on rFIA. You can also find us on CRAN and GitHub, and in a recent article in Environmental Modeling and Software. For bug reports or feature requests, please see our active issues page.


  • Disturbance & Landscape Ecology
  • Forest Management & Decision Science
  • Quantitative Silviculture
  • Conservation Finance & Impact Investing


  • PhD Forestry

    Michigan State Univeristy

  • PhD Environmental and Forest Science

    Univeristy of Washington

  • MS Forestry, 2020

    Michigan State Univeristy

  • BS Forestry, 2019

    Michigan State University

Consulting Services

I help firms leverage data (big and small) and analytics to improve their decision making processes. Many of my clients come from the forest products industry and natural climate solutions space, and I particularly enjoy drawing on my background in forestry to design solutions to environmental and resource management problems.

My services include, but are not limited to:

  • R programming (scripting, package development, automation)
  • Statistical modeling and ML model development
  • Forest inventory/ biometrics
  • Data management
  • Technical writing and editing
  • Data visualization

As the lead author and maintainer of the rFIA R package, I have developed unique expertise and familiarity with the USFS Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) Database. The FIA Database is among the richest ecological datasets in the world, with primary applications in forest health monitoring, carbon accounting, remote sensing, and broad-scale timber product monitoring. Despite being publicly available, complexity in database structure, data coding, and sampling design make the FIA Database extremely difficult to access - even for experienced users.

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rFIA: Unlocking the FIA Database in R

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